Why Assessment?

The cost of hiring one worker is $40,000 without the hidden costs, such as loss of productivity and overtime for the remaining staff.

The cost of replacing a new employee approaches two times of his or her salary.The entire cost has been estimated as high as $500,000 per hire.

If individuals for any reason do not fit either the job or the organization, mostly they leave the firm in the first year after employment. In figures, about 40% of all US workers have been in their jobs for less than two years.

The goal of the selection process is properly to match people with organization and their competencies to job requirements.

R&S Assessment provides a systematic approach to find out

· What competencies predict performance and success in specific job.

· Who are the people having the competencies for success in a specific job.

· Who are the people you need to further develop (and what kind of development option can you use to create an optimal return on investment).

· Who are the people who fit for job-rotation or promotion.

When Assessment?

The goal is to acquire proper talent and improve the return on investment of the talent / human capital onboard.

When organization goes to infrastructural and resources relocation, assessment helps you to predict the future Job performance of a collaborator. The Assessment Center methodology is used as well to discover the potential collaborators from an existing pool and goes as well with the selection of new collaborators.

In establishing an assessment based on the needs of competencies for your company, we can offer:

· Support in (re-) defining the goals of the assessment program.

· Behavior-oriented competency analysis and design of matrices.

· Tailor—made approaches.

· Coordination and training of internal assessors – through the presence of the internal assessor with the external assessor and the evaluation discussion during the assessment day.

· Organization of the assessment and evaluation program.

R&S Management Consultancy offers a professional assessment for the acquisition/hiring of the people your company requires and for the development and promotion of competent profile. It offers the highest possible guarantee to find the (internal & external) talent a company is looking for, and to identify the training & coaching needs for further development.

How Assessment?

An Assessment can be carried out either individually or in the group. The Assessment Center is always based on “unique” competency profile (tailored to the company and for the position through a one day workshop, orientation with line managers and HR before conducting the assessment) to which practical simulations tasks are linked with a high realism. The Assessment Program is highly attuned to the unique profile.

A behavioral based interview is integrated to the Assessment, stage when, the required competencies are studied in a structured and behavior-oriented way.