Executive On-boarding Coaching

Dirk Roosen

The first few weeks and months of an executive’s tenure are critical.
Recent research indicates that 40% of new senior executives fail within the initial 18 months.
Getting it right can dramatically accelerate the transformation of a new recruit into a fully functioning business leader. But getting it wrong can be very costly.

Needless to say what the size of loss is on the organizational and individual side: money, emotions, trust, security and time are negatively impacted for both. This is why onboarding is such a critical phase in the new job – it can determine whether or not you find your grip in the organization fast. Great companies are aware of the importance of onboarding and how much employees need support when entering a new role. A good onboarding program is not a cost for the organization, but a smart investment that pays back enormously.

Structured onboarding, starting where the recruitment process ends, in the form of formal support programs is not a standard practice in corporations,
Focusing on the early stages of an executive’s tenure, reducing the time it takes for him or her to start making a meaningful impact, and maximize the leader's personal engagement with the organization and brand.

The onboarding coach helps the executive more quickly adapt to the employer's culture, create rapport with his or her immediate team and find productive ways to achieve necessary goals.

During the coaching sessions we will cover the topics of leadership, people management, vision, personality styles, how to deal with poor performance, to run difficult and critical meetings, how to build trust.

The Onboarding Coaching program consists of weekly sessions of 1 hour.
One Face-to-Face session versus two Skype sessions.
Every session will be supported by an e-mail with agreed action points.


Phase I

  • Preparatory Phase
  • Intake interview
  • Determination of the objectives
  • Personal Profile analysis
  • General Objectives
  • Specific goals
  • Reporting framework


  • Sessions of 1h, every week.
  • Face to face/Skype sessions around
    • Self-steering
    • Possible choices
    • Areas of development
    • Communication styles
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Achievement
    • People management
    • Behavior observations

Phase III

  • Ad-hoc meeting when needed
  • Feedback
  • Action plan development & implementation