Organizational Coaching

Dirk Roosen


Coaching tended to evolve in organizations over time rather than as a response to a specific event.

Our coaching does include organizational transformation and expansion, which requires a coaching solution to assist the organization.

Our twenty-year coaching experience with organizations allow us to be your preferred partner in implementing mergers, downsizing, redefining corporate focus for leadership or talent development and succession planning.

Our clients became advocates for our coaching approach in helping your organization to develop collective focus and commitment to achieve a successful change.

The coaches come without any preconceived ideas about the organization and are unaware of any internal politics.

“You are bringing in an objective person to provide leaders an external view of what is happening.”

Questionnaires to clients revealed with less churn towards external coaches compared with the organizational coaches sample

They have experience with ‘leadership’ and themselves have held senior positions in organizations in the past.

They have a vast experience of coaching senior leaders in different organizations.

Our international branches can be at your service for a multicultural and cross-cultural approach.


We like stretching assignments; our communication style is constructive, diplomatic and supportive.

We construct an interpretation of the events presented and respond with insightful questions to help the coachee to move towards their desired outcome.

We are open, perceptive, constructive and comfortable responding to events as they unfold.

We are concerned with performing and take feedback seriously.

We are full of nervous energy, attentive and quick to respond as our client conversations unfold


Confidentiality is a key issue in all-coaching relationship and it is taken very seriously in our company.

A confidentiality agreement is set out at the start of the coaching relationship and both coach and coachee must sign up to this.

In most cases there is a coach sponsor, they too must sign up to the agreement.


To act and support the employees to the currently changing environment.

Foster the talents and skills to maximize quality

Develop flexibility

Develop talent management

Develop coaching and mentoring

Quick and deep alignment of teams

Commitment to the strategy


Appreciative inquirie : an appreciative eye to see the best in one another

Group process where time is dedicated to each individual

Consciousness of the presence gradually building up to the possibilities of the future

Action steps for the organization to give life to the company

Destiny, Sustain, Innovate, Implement

Act and support the employees to the currently changing environment.

Foster the talents and skills to maximise quality

Develop flexibility

Develop talent management


Effective action instead of fear

Decision making and commitment

Clarity in communication

Integration and maximising the possibilities in creativity and undertaking

More confidence and stability with flexibility

Motivate employees for innovation


Our evaluation forms show significant scores in our ability to proactively build and engage relationships

based on trust with others with a strong focus on perceptiveness to quickly respond to the emerging situation.

We act with a sense of propriety with a full appreciation of consequences.


55 endorsements on LinkedIn

Important recommendations from top executives in an International environment. (See recommendations)

Appreciated speaker at Eye for Pharma.