Antonio Palumbo Distinguished Research Fellow Oncology at Takeda Pharmaceuticals May 16, 2017, Antonio was a client of Dirk’s

I had a great experience with Dirk, I learned a lot, I particularly appreciated the attitude, positive, but also very pragmatic, I learned how to adapt to reality, even better how to understand reality often covered by our wish, the analysis of the reality is always the first need, but it is not always easy to perform it without deviations, and finally how to pragmatically influence the current reallity.Once again a great experience, and excellent learning opportunity, many thanks Dirk.

François-Xavier Hennuy, Head of Sales Force Effectiveness Europe chez CooperVision May 14, 2013, François-Xavier worked with Dirk but at different companies

Dirk is coaching me more or less closely since 2000. What I can say is that Dirk is a real coach and a real humanist (meaning he believes in human and talent). A coaching session with Dirk is always tough an energizing at the same time. Facing reality is not alwayseasy but makes you move and go to action.Coaching as a second nature coupled with a broad and successful experience are making Dirk a trustful expert inthe field of Human Performance. I would highly recommend Dirk as Executive Coach !

Frederik De SteurRegional Business Leader at Roche / EMBA @ VLERICKNovember 26, 2013, Frederik worked with Dirk but at different companies

Graag wens ik jou nog eens te bedanken voor de tijd die je vrijmaakte om met mij te praten. Ondanks je zeer drukke agenda apprecieer ik het enorm dat je dit voor mij hebt willen doen. Het is niet altijd evident en soms geraak je er alleen niet altijd uit, je blijft met jezelde rugzakje zitten en je denken komt altijd op hetzelfde uit.

Het was zeer interessant en leerrijk praten met jou, omdat ik het echt wel nodig had. Ik had het nodig om met bepaade zaken af te rekenen en om me een duidelijk doel te stellen. Er zat en zit nog altijd veel wind in de zeilen , maar mijn doel , mijn bestemming is duidelijk geworden. Iets waar ik altijd wel aan dacht of van droomde, maar nu ook echt durf uitspreken en echt durf als doel stellen. Ik ben echt superblij Dirk dat ik jou heb leren kennen en voor alles wat ik totnutoe al van je heb geleerd. Nogmaals dank voor je coaching en weet zeker dat ik er de volle 300% zal voor gaan.

Claus ZielerSVP Bayer Pharmaceuticals Region Asia PacificApril 1, 2012, Claus was a client of Dirk’s

Drawing on his rich experience, depth of knowledge and extraordinary assessment of people, Dirk consulted Bayer

HealthCare on a striking breadth of services, including: competency assessment, coaching, sales training, sales force management, coordination of MSLs, development of hospital management, and the merger of two business units. Dirk is a clear strategic thinker and a motivating leader who provides clear direction and makes people comfortable in following the designated path, while maintaining the focus on delivering results. He is very enjoyable to work with and easily adapts his style to the culture of the organization.

Highly recommendable!

Semira DemirManaging Director at Badenoch & Clark TurkeyFebruary 17, 2012, Semira reported directly to Dirk

Dirk has been a great inspirer to me not only during the times we were working side by side but also for all the times he has been watching me from the sidelines. He is a great leader with respected expertise, an excellent coach, a disciplined sportsman shortly a role model for a life time. His visionary approach, never hesitating decision taking capability, strategic sharp eye, great impact over people are some of his distinctive characteristics. I am confident that Dirk has played a major role in many people's professional lives whom he formerly managed, coached, consulted... Thanks to him that, he has made me the professional I am today.

Guy BritsGeneral Manager Apotex Belgium at Apotex Inc.June 28, 2012, Dirk worked with Guy in the same group

Dirk has an impressive background in coaching and sales expertise. He is very result driven and knows the way forward. Dirk has an immediate added value for every company who wants to boost its sales performance and (re)focus on performance. Last but not least Dirk has a very ethical approach in his contact with people so he is able to combine an increased focus on results on a sustainable human way which is a unique asset in this fast-changing world

Vincent LachapelleDirecteur du site de Godinne & Directeur de groupe des PharmaciesNovember 12, 2011, Vincent managed Dirk directly

If I would recommend you to somebody or to a company I would start writing your high level skills with coaching, people mgt, understanding of organisations and networks and many more things without forgetting a good friend.

Ercin KuguGeneral Manager at CSL BehringJune 15, 2012, Ercin was a client of Dirk’s

Dirk is an inspirational coaching expert.

He achieves dramatic improvements in the motivation and performance of sales teams by lively, highly interactive sales training courses and coaching sessions with sales people and managers at all levels. His territory planning methods together with priority setting and time management techniques, change the vision of sales teams and raise their performances to levels beyond expectations

Athanasios Zomas, Head of EUCAN Medical Affairs Oncology at Takeda, May 15, 2017, Athanasios was a client of Dirk’s

Insightful veteran of the Pharma Industry with strong belief in human potential and passionate about discovering and leveraging inherent leadership qualities. Dirk carries more than 40 years’ experience in the complex and competitive environment of Pharma and through his unique authoritative, yet friendly coaching style, this translates into wisdom and professional intuition. He has the ability to establish a solid and trustful professional relationship which forms the basis for mindful and open-hearted discussions; moreover, he can see with exceptional accuracy possibilities and challenges for you and he’s competent in assisting you to define your individual objectives and leadership style which ensure professional satisfaction and a fulfilling career. He has and still is coaching many prestigious managers and he genuinely enjoys seeing his clients develop while maintaining their inner wellness. He has undoubtedly helped me a great deal to understand and shape my personal leadership attributes and overcome the on-boarding obstacles and traps.