Coaching for Career management

A career develops under the influence of many circumstances such as talent, skills, education,training, job experiences, family, leisure, volunteer activities, home life and throughout a lifetime.

Careers allow individuals to use their skills,abilities and expertise to pursue professional, work and life goals; obtain employment; earn a living; and contribute to society.

Career decisions are some of the most important decisions individuals make during their lives. They help determine an individualís satisfaction and success related to both personal and professional goals.

The coaching trajectory is an essential part of career management and is demanding a total commitment in the partnership from the coach, the coached and the company. Mirroring and supporting will open new perspectives and help to respond to the changes and opportunities.

The coaching process will tackle three steps:

  1. Developing Self-Awareness:
    • Styles of decision making
    • Blocks to decision making
  2. Assessing Career Options:
    • Setting goals
  3. Making Informed Decisions/Develop an Action Plan:
    • Take appropriate action