Change Management


  • Changes within the company and in the market situation causes rather rigid reaction instead of necesessary flexibilty
  • Employees didnít develop the fullness of their talents.
  • Living the values of the actual business
  • Retention after development
  • Motivate employees for innovation


  • To act and support the employees to the currently changing environment.
  • Foster the talents and skills to maximise quality
  • Develop flexibility
  • Develop talent management
  • Develop coaching and mentoring
  • Quick and deep alignment of teams
  • Commitment to the strategy


  • Appreciative inquirie : an appreciative eye to see the best in one another
  • Group process where time is dedicated to each individual
  • Consciousness of the presence gradually building up to the possibilities of the future
  • Action steps for the organization to give life to the company
  • Destiny, Sustain, Innovate, Implement


  • Effective action instead of fear
  • Decision making and commitment
  • Clarity in communication
  • Integration and maximising the possibilities in creativity and undertaking
  • More confidence and stability with flexibility


Bayer 2005 - 2012

  • Barbara Heise Manager Bayer
  • Claus Zieler Manager Bayer
  • Werner De Prins Manager Bayer