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How can R & S help your organization achieve its business objectives?

Dirk Roosen is a dedicated Interim Manager that offers your company the opportunity to meet a defined business objective – within specific time and budget. Dirk Roosen assignments typically last 6 to 12 months, but can be extended by agreement.

As an interim manager Dirk Roosen can help out to bridge critical or unexpected senior management staffing gaps: to fill a vacancy, before a full time appointment is made; or strengthen an existing team, who are over-stretched, lack the specific skills to undertake a specific task effectively.

Dirk Roosen can also prove a practical and cost-effective solution for particular projects where headcount restrictions prevent or where there is no need to recruit permanent staff.

Each assignment as Interim Manager by Dirk Roosen is always backed by a contract.

Furthermore, as a business specialist Dirk Roosen is an Interim Manager because he wants to be, having carefully balanced the risks and rewards of pursuing a career of continuous change. He’s a consummate professional, with a positive attitude to his work, and open to sharing his expertise and knowledge. In fact, knowledge transfer is one of the big gains for you as a company, for in addition to getting the job done, Dirk Roosen, before he departs, will help ensure your people acquire the skills to take that project forward and embark on new programs with confidence.

If you – as a company - are looking for a hands-on manager with the experience and operational expertise, not only to develop appropriate strategies, but to implement them and ensure your business objectives are achieved… you have found the right Interim Manager: Dirk Roosen.

Dirk Roosen’s 99% success ratio is based on the following key management approaches: